December 8, 2016

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Ralph Sheffield says Straus “punished a lot of people” (Video)

By Weston Hicks The Agenda Wise Team! Speaker Joe Straus Speaker Straus wants to be perceived as a leader who forgets his agenda in favor of supreme fairness. He needs this image since he is from an industry, gambling, that requires legislation to expand. In the end, he’d like to see VLTs (the non-”slot machine” word […]

Texas Gets An Early Gift From Santa

For those of you who don’t know, Austin is a cesspool of good-old-boy, line-my-pockets, endorse-me, I-want-to-be-reelected, let’s-tax-and-spend politicians.  This description fits most of the Republicans in our state legislature, which is why we call them RINOs (Republicans-in-name-only).  How do you tell a RINO from a genuine conservative?  RINOs run for office as conservatives, but govern from the […]

Thanks Rep. Berman for again taking a stand for “We The People” of Texas!

Over the past several months we  have witnessed a  grassroots “uprising” in Texas thanks to the Texas House “Speaker’s Showdown.”  As many of you know, is a project of  Women on the Wall and we were proud to be engaged with grassroots activists across Texas in this important effort.    We have many to thank for what we were able to contribute to […]

Events for “V” Day at the Texas House “Speaker Showdown”

For the calendar of events scheduled at the Capitol January 10th & 11th view: JOIN US FOR THE “SPEAKER SHOWDOWN” IN AUSTIN, TEXAS TO HELP DELIVER A STRONG MESSAGE TO TEXAS HOUSE REPRESENTATIVES:  “CONSERVATIVE SPEAKER OR YOUR SEAT.”  We’ve been told that all those high dollar political consultants have been telling Texas Reps not […]


Tea Party Caucus Membership Will Not Shield Legislators Who Vote for Straus in 2011

In defiance of calls by key conservative leaders in Texas for a Conservative Texas House Speaker in 2011, Rep. Lois Kolkhorst [R-HD13] and Rep. Beverly Woolley [R-HD136] have decided nevertheless to elect Joe Straus for a second term as House Speaker.     In response to their decision, Women on the Wall has today released the new Houston version of […]


Texas Tea Parties Heading to “Speaker Showdown” on Jan. 10-11, 2011

Resolute Media Group, Emergent Consulting, TCOT Report, Women on the Wall, Kaufman Tea Party, and Tea Party Movement 911 are putting together a staging area for all the Tea Parties going to the Capital Jan. 10th and the 11th. “We The People” Texas 2011 and Beyond”. We have secured a conference room for both the 10th and 11th and […]


Special Commentary: Why the Texas House Needs A Conservative Speaker

The leadership should reflect the values of the majority principles by Dave Welch Many much more articulate Texas conservatives have already shared why we need a change of Speaker in the Texas House, however I will add my voice as well. For those involved in the “inside baseball” of lobbying at state or federal legislative […]

oust straus

Does Representative Dan Branch realize…….Oust Straus!

Question, Does Texas State Representative Dan Branch show the arrogance of the GOP establishment?

Army of Davids

There is an “Army of Davids” banding together in Texas for the Speaker Race!

There is an “Army of Davids” banding together to put a true Conservative Republican in as Texas Speaker of the House. In the book, Army of Davids; How Markets and Technology Empower Ordinary People to Beat Big Media, Big Government, and Other Goliaths, author Glenn Reynolds, the hugely popular blogger, gives in detail the big picture of […]


D Magazine “Campaign Against Speaker Joe Straus Goes Viral”

Wick Allison on D Magazine’s “FrontBurner Blog” writes: An anti-Straus group called Women On The Wall — which seems to be an ad hoc coalition of such right-wing groups as Concerned Women of America, American Family Association, and the Eagle Forum — is trying to raise money to air this video on television over Thanksgiving. […]